Creative support from the off ...


    Let's go!

  • myGHOST – All-rounder on a project-by-project and full-service basis


    Professional partner from "Buddy" to full service





  • myGHOST – Idea whisperer for agencies and companies


    Idea whisperer for creative jobs, meetings and presentations



  • myGHOST – your brand profiler


    Profiler for a unique identity, brand and presence



  • myGHOST – your problem solver in the creative sector


    Troubleshooter for deadlines and complaints



  • myGHOST – your backup for vacation replacement, maternity leave and illness


    Backup and amplifier in cases of staff shortage



  • myGHOST – Creative-Scout and Personal Coach


    Scout & Coach for creative perspectives



The next deadline is coming up for sure? ... With myGHOST you will always remain creative!

  • You know how it is: the clock is ticking ...

    and only a few days, hours, minutes left until the presentation, meeting, trade fair, event, opening or any other important date on which you have to or want to present yourself – in whatever form – in a most convincing and best equipped way.
    Now, of all times, something decisive is missing?

  • The one thing that matters right now:

    the brilliant idea, the catchy hook, the logical preparation, the clean technical implementation. Something that makes the whole thing complete. Or simply someone to take care of it. Preferably someone with experience and a quick mind, who doesn't need much explanation. Someone who comprehends the demand precisely and can just get started. – Someone who always finds a solution.

  • myGHOST sees and understands, has the power and delivers.

    Job by job, project by project, seasonally or as a permanent presence: your idea generator, concept developer, ghostwriter, designer, production supervisor, team member, project manager, and coach. For all areas of your visual, audiovisual and personal communication.
    As one or many: you wish, we ghost.

    Inventive Spirit

    Resourceful "genie in a bottle" of creative communication on paper, screen, stage – and from person to person. In addition to the usual suspects of print, web and multimedia, quite magical powers can be at work especially in name creations, exciting presentations, smart storyboards and game concepts.


    Pioneer spirit

    Deep in outer space, far away from all the worn-out standard trails of addressing customers, there are countless unused spheres of enthusiasm, eagerly awaiting their discoverer. Finally, daring and determination meet the right spirit with a spaceship? Ready when you are. You start the countdown.


    Spirit of research

    What do unknown customer wishes and oxyhydrogen gas have in common? Correct, both remain undetected and invisible without an active "ignition" – in the best case without negative effects. Just like countless silent customer files, discarded ideas and forgotten goals. Can you hear the crackling?


    Founder's spirit

    Experienced start-up support for a strong identity, effective targeting, impressive appearance and your unique success story as a company, brand and person. From the first hour to the first milestone – and for the one or another further founding or re-orientation on your great "Walk of Fame".



    For a quarter of a century we have been ghosting through all industries and communication channels. This makes us an experienced and weatherproof everyday companion even in times of change.


    Team spirit

    We integrate ourselves into your team, your infrastructure, and your technical and operational processes in a ghostly manner. Friendly in nature, transparent in operation, and with zero space requirements.


    Free spirit

    As with the sundial, only the bright hours of our glow count for you. Saves electricity and heating as well as other additional costs and contributions and makes your bookkeeper's face shine.


    Protective spirit

    As ghost service providers we are 100% confidential and discrete. We always stay in the background (unless otherwise requested) and protect your interests also when the cooperation has finished.


    myGHOST is your professional creative service from “idea whisperer” to full-service support.

    Idea · Concept · Content · Design · Production · Manpower · Project Management · Coaching

    • Idea · Concept · Inspiration

      Brainstorming, idea development, name ideas, campaign ideas, idea workshop, strategy and concept ...
    • Story · Text · Storyboard

      Story / title ideas, dramaturgy, storyboards, scripts, manuscripts, texts (all genres, readalikes) ...
    • Web · Social Media

      Web design, programming, CMS (WordPress et al.), content maintenance, YouTube presences, YouTube management ...
    • Sales · Event · POS

      Sales / event ideas, concepts, planning, equipment, customer acquisition, customer loyalty, direct marketing, sales promotion, giveaways, location, POS ...
    • DTP · Typography · Print

      Typography, typodesign, DTP, typesetting, pre-press, offset printing, screen printing, digital printing, prints for indoor / outdoor ...
    • Presentation · Display

      Presentations for meetings, conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions, analogue (flipchart, free speech) and digital (Power Point, keynote, animation), infotainment, in-house guidance systems, educational trails, coaching ...
    • Design · Illustration · Deco

      Web design, print design, illustration, drawing, painting, collage, interior design, event decoration, packaging design ...
    • Game development

      Game ideas, game concepts, game instructions, game design, board games, card games, action games, infotainment indoor / outdoor ...
    • Photography · Composing

      Picture ideas, imagery, picture stories, image research, image selection, photography, photo direction, image editing, composing, animation, cinemagraph ...
    • Creative-Scout · Coaching

      Perspectives / goals, self-motivation, decision making, creativity training, personal coaching ...

    • What makes myGHOST this unique?

      myGHOST can take on any shape and fits into any creative task. It is fast and agile, understands your language and your requirements without many words and disappears again immediately after fulfilling your wishes. Until the next time you call him.
    • Does myGHOST also serve private persons?

      With great enthusiasm myGHOST inspires and accompanies people as such. Whether on the job, in business or privately – creative ideas and positive perspectives are the elixir of every fulfilled life. In this sense myGHOST even makes you rich. Because inventiveness is the true wealth.
    • Is myGHOST also an advertising agency?

      Of course myGHOST can also appear in this shape at any time. In doing so, it requires almost no administrative effort. And its partner ghosts also only float by on call. When they are needed and when it pays off for you at that moment. This makes myGHOST a valuable team addition for other agencies as well.








    “I love crime, I love mysteries, and I love ghosts.”

    Stephen King


    „Thank you Mr King. Likewise.“



    Im Eigen 30
    97318 Kitzingen / Germany
    Phone: +49 9321 3908230
    Phone: +49 172 4554803
    Email: info@my-ghost.de




    ... in our case are above all: top secret. As serious ghost service providers we are obliged to secrecy in the interest of customer protection. However, there are authorized exceptions upon individual request in a personal meeting.

    Further projects as owner or partner:

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    Bush Coaching in ZIMBABWE


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